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Hi, I’m Emma, owner and photographer at Oxfordshire based Studio Bambino. I spend my days photographing babies and families and meeting so many wonderful little people (and grown ups too). If you haven’t guessed, I absolutely love what I do. I’m a specialist newborn photographer in Oxfordshire, trained in newborn safety and know that these little people are the most precious thing in your world! Like my little girl is to me! If you are looking for images of your newborn, or you’d like to update your family portraits, please get in touch. I’d love to chat.

photo of mum in a black top with baby in her arms, shot against a white background by Newborn Photographer in Oxfordshire

Parents and babies together

Newborn photographer in Oxfordshire

When you book your newborn photoshoot with me, I’ll always encourage parents to get into the photographs with their little ones. You may not be feeling your best so soon after having a baby, and you may be a little sleep deprived, but these portraits are really special and you will love to look back on them when your baby gows bigger.

As an experienced newborn photographer in Oxfordshire, I know the tricks to make you look your very best. No – not a million Instagram filters, but good lighting, posing, angles, and, if needed, a little bit of help in photoshop!

Older baby? Missed out on Newborn Photography? Not a problem!

I’m not just a newborn photographer, I will create beautiful images of your older baby, too!

After around a month old, your little one will start to be more awake and a bit nosey! It doesn’t mean that you have missed out on the opportunity to create beautiful photography, though. I photograph babies of all ages – take a look at my older baby page and see that I’m more than just a newborn photographer in Oxfordshire – I love older babies too! 

Older baby boy in a blue romper lying on his tummy and looking at the Newborn Photographer in Oxfordshire

Kind Words

Reviews of Newborn Photography in Oxfordshire

We were so thrilled to have met someone so professional, friendly and great with our newborn. Emma was so patient and accommodating with our baby, she knew all the tricks that kept him feeling safe and asleep long enough to take some amazing photos and was so quick with setting up the different scenes so we had a variety of options. We cannot recommend her enough.

The studio is great and Emma’s collection of props are fabulous.

Definitely the best choice we made with booking in our newborn photoshoot and will absolutely be returning for all the other milestones and shoots we decide to capture!

Perisa, Oxfordshire

Baby boy on a dark blue sparkly blanket, with eyes wide open looking at the camera of Newborn Photographer in Oxfordshire


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