6 Best Podcasts for Mums and Mums to Be In 2024

Motherhood is a journey like no other, and it’s always changing. That’s why podcasts have become a must-have for mums and mums-to-be in 2024. They’re not just shows; they’re a collection of stories, tips, and deep talks made just for you. These podcasts are more than background noise; they’re a way to share experiences, get advice from experts, and feel like you’re part of a big, caring family.

Every episode we’ve picked out is here to touch your heart, teach you something new, and lift your spirits. So, whether you need a break from a hectic day or some company during your quiet time, these podcasts are your best bet for real stories and guidance on the amazing journey of motherhood.


1. How Not To Screw Up Your Kids 

Navigating parenting in this fast-paced world is a massive challenge, but “How Not to Screw Up Your Kids” shines as the perfect guide. Led by Dr Maryhan Baker, this podcast goes beyond simple advice, offering a wealth of free tips and tools. Each episode is like a key, unlocking new strategies for your family’s growth. Dr. Baker dives right into the heart of parenting today, tackling the tough questions and changing ways of raising kids. You get a mix of expert advice and handy tips, turning overwhelming topics into something you can handle. 

This podcast guides you through everything, from helping your kids develop to keeping your family life balanced. It’s more than avoiding mistakes; it’s about enjoying the parenting journey with confidence and insight from Dr Baker. If you’re searching for a podcast that blends professional know-how with everyday life, “How Not To Screw Up Your Kids” hits the mark, echoing the real rhythm of parenting today.


2. Scummy Mummies Podcast 

The Scummy Mummies Podcast is a real treat for anyone looking for a raw, unfiltered look at parenting. Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, the hosts, deliver a fantastic mix of laughs and real talk. They cover it all, from the wild ride of childcare to the everyday oddities of family life. This bi-weekly show dives headfirst into the nitty-gritty, tackling stuff like breastfeeding and IVF with a playful twist. They often have special guests, adding new flavours to each episode. 

Here, laughter is always on the menu, along with stories you’ll totally get and advice that actually works. So, give it a listen if you’re after a slice of genuine life peppered with humour to make your parenting adventure feel a bit more manageable and a whole lot more fun.


3. Happy Mum, Happy Baby 

Happy Mum, Happy Baby really hits the mark as a top podcast for diving deep into parenting’s colourful tapestry. Giovanna Fletcher, a lively and engaging host, turns each episode into a cosy corner where famous parents spill their real-life stories. Here, it’s about the whole spectrum—the highs and lows, the tears mixed with laughter, and the unpredictable daily whirlwind of raising kids. 

Giovanna chats heart-to-heart, offering a warm reminder that chasing perfect parenting is just chasing shadows. Whether it’s about navigating toddler meltdowns or savouring those precious, fleeting smiles, Happy Mum, Happy Baby wraps you in a sincere hug, letting you know you’re in good company on this exhilarating journey of parenthood.


4. Made By Mammas: The Podcast 

Made By Mammas: The Podcast, steered by Radio Star Zoe Hardman and PR Pro Georgia Dayton, is a goldmine of parenting wisdom. It turns the Made by Mammas blog into an engaging audio journey, sparking lively discussions about must-have baby products and trusted brands. 

Each episode takes you through the real-life twists and turns of being a mum, with Zoe and Georgia chatting up a storm with famous guests and parenting pros. Covering everything from pregnancy stories to baby care basics, this podcast is your go-to for useful advice and touching tales. Special guests like the Magic Sleep Fairy and Alison-Scott Wright drop by to share their knowledge, making sure every mum or dad, newbie or veteran, walks away with something valuable from each chat.


5. Parental Control from My Baba 

Parental Control from My Baba, steered by the keen minds of Leonora Bamford and Ellie Thompson, puts a fresh spin on navigating parenting’s wild waves. Far from just skimming the top, this standout podcast plunges right into parenting’s core, grappling with its complexities through a mix of sage advice and stories that hit close to home. 

Each chat is a chest brimming with insights, zeroing in on the real issues today’s parents face. Whether it’s mastering screen time or nurturing toughness in kids, the podcast acts as your trusted guide, steering you confidently through parenting’s puzzle with style and grace. It’s about more than making it through; it’s about flourishing. Every episode shines a spotlight on tactics and wisdom, transforming parenting into an odyssey to treasure.


6. Not Another Mummy Podcast 

Not Another Mummy Podcast, guided by the wise Alison Perry, truly shines in the podcast world with its authentic talks and varied array of guests. It lays bare the real face of parenting, mixing sage insights, laughs, and deep, personal tales. From engaging talks with famed writers like Philippa Perry to cosy, real discussions with stars about their home lives, each episode is packed with stories and tips that hit close to home. 

But it’s more than the hurdles; it’s a celebration of the highs, tackling the unknowns, and wholeheartedly jumping into the parenting journey. Listening feels like being part of a close, inviting circle where each parent’s story resonates, making Not Another Mummy Podcast a lighthouse for those in search of unity and a spark of motivation on their parenting path.


Dive into the world of motherhood with these top podcasts, each one packed with stories, advice, and a bit of comfort. From the touching tales in ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ to the real, hands-on tips in ‘Parental Control from My Baba’, these series bring to life the full spectrum of parenting experiences, reflecting both the laughter and the challenges.

As you share in the fun with the ‘Scummy Mummies Podcast’ and ponder the insights from ‘Not Another Mummy Podcast’, remember that each story is a gentle nod, reminding you that you’re not walking this path alone. So, hit play, and let the mix of guidance, support, and real-life stories enrich your journey through motherhood.