Cake Smash Photography Session


You’ve made it through the first year! Congratulations! I know from experience that the first year, no matter how amazing it is, it damn right tough at times too!

So many milestones, first teeth, first steps, first giggles and now first birthday! What better way to celebrate than a super fun cake smash. We start the session with a selection of clean portrait style shots – before the messy part! Then we bring in the cake! We’ll chat beforehand about the theme that you’d like, and we’ll get everything decorated ready for the fun. And of course it doesn’t have to be cake, how about a doughnut smash, or a strawberry smash!

After the cake comes the part that nearly all babies like, the bath! In the tub, with some bubbles to have a splash around and get clean.

I don’t charge for the shoot itself. It is entirely free to attend the shoot and have pictures taken of you and your baby. At no time are you are under any obligation to purchase a single image if you don’t wish to, in that case, the shoot will have cost you nothing. Should you, however, wish to order just a few images or prints rather than a package, due to the time involved in processing, ordering and printing, and of course providing the cake and decorations etc. or creating the multiple versions of files for USB there is a minimum order fee of £299 for the Cake Smash Packages.

£99 non-refundable retainer required in order to secure your booking. This will be deducted from your final order.