The first year of a child’s life is a period of rapid growth and development, filled with countless milestones and precious moments. As a newborn photographer, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is capturing these fleeting stages and helping parents preserve the memories of their baby’s first year. From those tiny newborn wrinkles to the triumphant first steps, every moment is unique and deserves to be cherished. In this blog post, we will explore the key milestones of a baby’s first year and provide tips on how to capture them beautifully.

1. The Newborn Stage (0-2 Weeks)

Why It’s Special: The newborn stage is magical and fleeting. Babies are incredibly delicate, and their features change almost daily. During the first two weeks, they are still adapting to the world outside the womb, making them particularly sleepy and easier to pose.

Photography Tips:

  • Timing: Schedule the session within the first two weeks, ideally between days 5 and 12. During this period, babies are sleepier and more likely to curl up into those adorable womb-like poses.
  • Environment: I keep the room warm and cozy to ensure your baby remains comfortable. I use a space heater to help maintain an ideal temperature. Although it may feel a little warm for you!
  • Safety First: I always prioritise your baby’s safety. I use soft blankets and supports, and will always make sure your baby is safe at all times.
  • Detail Shots: I focus on capturing the tiny details, such as fingers, toes, eyelashes, and those adorable newborn wrinkles. These features change quickly, so it’s important to document them while you can.

2. One Month Old

Why It’s Special: At one month, babies start to become more alert and begin to show their personalities. Their facial expressions become more varied, and they may start to respond to voices and sounds. You even start to get little smiles at this point.

Photography Tips:

  • Expressions: Capture a range of expressions, from wide-eyed curiosity to sleepy smiles. 
  • Comfort: I keep sessions short and flexible to accommodate your baby’s feeding and napping schedule. Patience is key.
  • Close-Ups: I focus on close-up shots of the baby’s face to highlight their emerging personality and expressions.

3. Three Months Old

Why It’s Special: By three months, babies can hold their heads up and are more interactive. They may start to smile and coo, making for delightful photographs.

Photography Tips:

  • Tummy Time: Capture tummy time sessions to highlight the baby’s ability to lift their head and observe their surroundings.
  • Parent Interaction: I include parents in the shots to capture the bond and interaction between them and the baby.

4. Six Months Old

Why It’s Special: The six-month mark is a significant milestone. Babies can usually sit up unassisted, and their personalities are really starting to shine. They are more expressive and curious about their surroundings.

Photography Tips:

  • Sitting Up: Take advantage of your baby’s ability to sit up. Capture them playing with toys, reaching for objects, and interacting with their environment.
  • Expressions: I focus on your baby’s wide range of expressions, from giggles to curious stares. Encouraging interaction with toys or family members to elicit smiles.
  • Variety: Incorporate a variety of outfits and backgrounds to add diversity to the photos. Outdoor sessions can be particularly charming at this age.

5. Nine Months Old

Why It’s Special: At nine months, babies are often crawling and may start to pull themselves up to stand. Their motor skills are developing rapidly, and their curiosity is boundless.

Photography Tips:

  • Movement: Capture your baby’s movement, whether it’s crawling, standing with support, or exploring their surroundings. These action shots are full of energy and personality.
  • Interactive Play: Use toys and props to engage your baby. Candid shots of them playing and discovering new things can be incredibly heartwarming.
  • Family Moments: Include family members in the session to document the growing bond and interaction. Group shots with siblings can also be precious.

6. First Birthday

Why It’s Special: The first birthday is a major milestone, marking a year of incredible growth and change. Babies are often standing, walking, or even taking their first steps. This is a time of celebration and joy.

Photography Tips:

  • Cake Smash: A popular trend for first birthday photos is the cake smash. Let your baby explore and enjoy a cake while capturing their reactions. This can result in some fun and messy photos.
  • Outdoor Sessions: Consider an outdoor session to take advantage of natural light and beautiful scenery. Parks, gardens, or even the family back garden can provide a lovely backdrop.
  • Milestone Board: Create a milestone board with key facts about the baby’s first year, such as their favorite foods, activities, and words. This can be a wonderful prop for photos and a keepsake for the family.

Capturing Each Milestone: A Few More Tips

  1. Preparation and Planning:
    • I communicate with parents to understand your expectations and any specific moments you want to capture.
    • I plan the session around the baby’s schedule to ensure they are well-rested and content.
  2. Patience and Flexibility:
    • Babies are unpredictable, and sessions may not always go as planned. Be patient and flexible, allowing plenty of time for breaks, feeding, and comforting.
  3. Natural Interactions:
    • I encourage natural interactions and play between the baby and their parents or siblings. These candid moments often result in the most genuine and heartfelt photos.
  4. Consistent Editing Style:
    • I maintain a consistent editing style throughout the baby’s first year to create a cohesive collection of images. This helps in creating beautiful photo albums or wall art for the family.

The Emotional Impact of Capturing Milestones

Documenting a baby’s first year is more than just taking pictures; it’s about preserving memories and emotions that families will treasure forever. Each photograph tells a story and serves as a tangible reminder of a moment in time that can never be recaptured.

Parents often express immense gratitude for having these milestones documented, as the images allow them to relive the joy, wonder, and love they felt during their baby’s first year. As a photographer, being able to provide this gift is incredibly fulfilling.


Capturing the milestones of a baby’s first year is a rewarding and cherished task. From the delicate features of a newborn to the triumphant steps of a one-year-old, each stage is filled with unique moments that deserve to be documented. By understanding the significance of each milestone and employing thoughtful photography techniques, you can create beautiful, timeless images that families will treasure for a lifetime.

Remember, the key to successful milestone photography lies in patience, preparation, and a genuine love for capturing the essence of each fleeting moment.