The last few weeks have been wonderful outside for the wide variety of beautiful backdrops in the Oxfordshire countryside. Despite the weather being very changeable, which to be frank, is nothing new for the UK. I’ve had some amazing outdoor sessions, gorgeous babies, lovely families, and some beautiful mummies to be, and have loved every minute.

Hence why I have decided to launch my new family sessions. These are for families of all ages, no matter how big or small your kids are. It’s time to make some more memories!

How they work

We’ll shoot up to an hour at your house! Usually, in the kids’ room, the master bedroom, wherever there is good light! Kids bouncing on beds and having fun with their toys. Having the time for kids to be relaxed in their own home environment and getting to know me!

Then an hour outside. I can recommend some amazing places to shoot locally, but am also happy to consider anywhere you have in mind.

For littlies, these would be done during the day, ideally first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day when the light is softer, but for older kids, the best best best time to photograph is in what we call the golden hour. That last hour of sun before it goes down is the most flattering the light of the day, it prevents harsh shadows, slims the figure and provides wonderful backlight behind your family, giving your images that wonderful golden glow. These sessions can be done after school throughout the summer and will be available on selected weekends throughout each month too.

I can provide guidance on clothing and what to bring, and of course what to expect!

We’ll get you playing, having fun and of course bringing out the smiles, to give you a selection of images that you’ll love! I don’t want you all sat on the sofa posing! And I know so many of you are camera shy. This isn’t about forced smiles and kids misbehaving because they don’t want to join in, this is about family time, and just having someone there to capture the love!

I’m running a special offer on my new family photography sessions. All bookings taken before the 7th June will be able to book your session fee for just £59 (usual price of this session is £79 during the week and £129 for a weekend shoot.) (Your session does not have to be taken before the 7th – just booked).

To take advantage of this offer, please fill out your details below and I’ll be in touch shortly!