Good photography is an investment, but something that lasts forever. Way beyond our years, and can evoke memories and feelings every time you look those images. I can’t count the times my daughter sits and goes through all of the photo albums that live under her bed of me when I was little. We gift these memories to our children, yes we get joy out of seeing them, but they are our legacy, a way for us to capture the most special, and even the most mundane things in our life. 

We are so lucky nowadays with the digital era to be able to snap away to our hearts content, the only limit being the size of our memory cards. Gone our the days of getting your photos back from boots and realising 20 out of the 24 frames had a giant thumbprint over the top. Back then, we never thought twice about spending another £100 when we got back from holiday having 10 rolls of film printed, and rushing them through in a 1 hour service because we just couldn’t wait. But as the years have progressed we have lost the value of pictures, and what they represent. 

Yes of course I do what I do to pay the bills, but actually the reason I started in photography is because I love the feeling producing something so precious that people put on their wall to make them happy.

I talk to people all the time that wish they had taken more ‘proper’ pictures of their children in that first year, the year when they change from that tiny precious bundle you bring home, to the first steps, first dadda, first messy meal, and so many other firsts. However, I also realise that good photography is an investment that not everyone can find in their budget, especially not when a new baby arrives.

Which is why I am so excited to launch my new membership scheme. This gives you the option of 3 sessions throughout the first year. What these sessions are is totally up to you, but I would normally suggest a newborn, sitter and cake smash – or first birthday portrait session, or indeed a family session. There are two options, both of these give allow you to spread the cost of everything over the year, and give you a choice on whether you receive 10 images from each shoot, or all of them.

Take a look at the two options below. 

First Year Silver – £199 Deposit
£99 per month for 11 months

3 Sessions Including Newborn, Sitter, Cake Smash (Or Family Session)
10 Digital Images From Each Session
10 Matching 7 x 5 Prints
£100 Credit Towards Wall Art Options
(Upgrades available)

First Year Gold – £199 Deposit
£125 per month for 11 months

3 Sessions Including Newborn, Sitter, Cake Smash (Or Family Session)
All Digital Images From Each Session
10 (7 x 5) Inch Mounted Prints From Each Session
Multi Apeture (26 x 8) Inch Frame With Your Favourite Image From Each Session
£100 Credit Towards Additional Wall Art Options

Memberships offer you a cost saving on booking all 3 sessions separately, but are strictly limited in numbers.

For more information, or if you are interested in the membership scheme, please email me at