I can’t count the number of people that say to me, gosh you must be taking pictures of Sienna all the time in here (the studio), and I’m sure they imagine my walls covered in images of my daughter. No, is always the answer! My sweet, funny beautiful girl, happens to be my worst customer! She will happily make her way in to the studio, sit on a prop and smile at me, until I pick up my camera. Then she’s off like lightning, and shouting ‘No Mummy’!

And then there is me, the person who rarely stands in front of the camera! For so many reasons, not least that my husbands camera skills leave little to be desired, so other than the odd selfie taken on our days out, there a few pictures of me, and even fewer of Sienna and I together. And of course, like so many other mums out there, I’m still conscious of those last few pounds that never left my middle after I had Sienna, and those two lines between my eyes that never used to be there, or the fact that my hair looks horrendous in every picture I’ve ever had of me.

But. I want pictures of me – as much as I will critique my every body part. I want Sienna to have memories of her family and be able to giggle about how young mummy once looked, and how her hair was beautifully curly once, and grin at the big gap between her teeth!

I want her to sift through endless photos, like I did when I was small, and feel the love that is clearly there for her and her family.

Just recently I have been reminded on too many occasions, just how short life is, so that was my nudge! I contacted Katy from Amor Amor Photography – who not only is a mentor of mine, but an amazing newborn and family photographer based down in Poole, and I booked myself in to one of her mummy and me sessions.

We arrived at her beautiful studio, with a stack full of clothes for me, and started sifting through her wide selection of outfits for Sienna. I had pots and pots of bribery – otherwise known and chocolate buttons and marshmallows – the tooth fairy would have been my best mate that day!

Nervous that my darling girl wouldn’t play the game, I told Katy – ‘not many of my face looking directly at the camera please’. And off to work we got.

3 handfuls of marshmallows and a little tantrum later, Sienna started to play the game, and just over an hour and a few more handfuls of buttons later, we wrapped up our session, hoping that Katy had got just a couple of Sienna and I together that I loved!

And I wasn’t disappointed. Take a look below at some of the gorgeous images she got. I’ve just ordered 3 new canvases to go on my wall, and I’ll share what they look like when they arrive!

Katy – thank you so much. I love them, and you captured a few more precious moments that I can treasure forever!

If you’re considering a family session, or a mummy and me session, don’t hesitate! They don’t have to be posed, stand in front of the camera and smile sessions, they can be whatever you wish! Give your kiddos some memories to look through when they get older – that aren’t just on your mobile!

If you’re down in the Poole area or around the south coast – then give Katy a call, or if you’re near Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Bucks, then give me a shout and let me help you make some memories!

Mummy and Me Session