Sitter / Toddler Photography


Sitter sessions are perfect foor your 6 – 10 month old, whilst they are sitting (unaided) and not yet walking. It’s one of my favourite sessions. Babies are usually smiling, and we can catch those still chubby cheeks, and beautiful bums before they are up and running!

Want to wait a bit longer? When your little cherub is walking then we can also venture outside too if you would prefer. The main aim for both of these sessions is fun. We sing, we dance, we play with toys, and we capture those smiling toothy grins.

I don’t charge for the shoot itself. It is entirely free to attend the shoot and have pictures taken of you and your baby. At no time are you are under any obligation to purchase a single image if you don’t wish to, in that case, the shoot will have cost you nothing. Should you, however, wish to order just a few images or prints rather than a package, due to the time involved in processing, ordering and printing, or creating the multiple versions of files for USB there is a minimum order fee of £269 for the Sitter / Toddler packages.

£69 non-refundable retainer required in order to secure your booking. This will be deducted from your final order.