Teen and Tween Photography Wallingford, Oxfordshire


Young girl with plum t-shirt and denim shirt over the top, with plum coloured hat on. Leaning on climbing frame looking at the camera.

So,  your kids are growing up faster than you can say “cheese!” Suddenly, those cute family photo moments you used to cherish are becoming rare sightings. As they morph from kids to tweens and teens, they’ve developed a new talent – dodging the camera like pros! Or entering the world of selfies, social media and the pursed lip pout in front of the phone.

But fear not, because I’m here to help you freeze those precious moments in time! My Teen & Tween Photography service is all about capturing the magic of this transitional phase. We understand that as they grow older, self-esteem can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride, especially as they spend more time comparing themselves to influencers and trying to work out where they fit in the world.  My goal is to create a safe, fun, and relaxed environment where your teens can feel confident and be themselves, letting their true personalities shine.

Let’s face it; we all want a piece of this journey to look back on. I’ll ensure your kids will have a blast during the shoot. They might even forget they’re in front of a camera! No awkward posing, just authentic smiles and laughter.

As a parent myself, I know how quickly time flies by. One moment they’re toddling around, and the next, they’re spreading their wings. It’s easy to get nostalgic, but I firmly believe that every stage of their growth is worth celebrating. These photographs will be cherished keepsakes, reminding you of the amazing individuals your kids are becoming.

So, if you want to preserve those fleeting moments and embrace the uniqueness of your teens and tweens, let’s chat! Together, we’ll create a gallery full of memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Say goodbye to grumpy faces and hello to genuine joy, all beautifully captured in my Teen & Tween Photography sessions. 

Outside, where kids often feel more relaxed, we’ll head somewhere that reflects your teen’s personality, whether thats the skate park, the high street, or the countryside. They can be glam, or just in jeans and a t-shirt. The Americans do this to celebrate the end of their schooling period and they call it Senior photography. I can advise on clothing, and make up (if appropriate), and can chat to both you and them before the shoot so they feel at ease with who they are meeting and what they want out of this, not just you. It’ll give them images to be proud of, show off to their mates and share on their socials. Just like a mini modelling shoot. Suitable for kids from 8/9 through to late teens. 

These shoots make great gifts, and also can be used to celebrate friendships. Get 3/4 girls together and lets get outside! Share the cost and give the girls a day to remember.


Young girl with white t-shirt leaning against blue climbing frame looking at the camera
Young girl facing the camera and poking her tongue out, both hands in the hair with V signs.
Young red head girl, sideways looking at the camera.

We have received our gorgeous photographs from Emma and we are so pleased. This is the third time we’ve used Emma. I have a maternity and newborn shoot last year. And another newborn shoot a few weeks ago. She was so patient with us considering we had a newborn, 17-month-old and dog to try and get pictures with. She really accommodated us as a family and even managed to get a beautiful picture of our newborn and 17-month old which is never thought would happen! We are more than impressed. Thank you so much Emma and cannot wait to come back again when the babies are bigger for another family shoot ❤️

Packages and Pricing

45 Minute Session for up to 4 people

Including – 3 high-resolution, fully edited as digital downloads


Including 5 high-resolution, fully edited as digital downloads


1.5 hour Session for up to 4 people

Including 10 high-resolution, fully edited as digital downloads


Including 20+ high-resolution, fully edited as digital downloads


Deposit of £45 to secure booking – rest payable at your viewing session.

How to Book

You can secure your appointment in the studio with me with just a £45 deposit. Approximately 3 weeks after your session you will be invited back for your viewing and ordering appointment, to view your final gallery of edited images and pay the rest of your package.