There are many things I’ve noticed that have changed in me since I became a mum. I weigh more and sleep less, and I am sure I have aged ten years in the last two! Of course, none of us would change it for the world, but it has got me thinking. What else has changed in my life since my little munchkin arrived on the planet? I started to run through the list in my mind, and no doubt you have a million more to add to this list, but next time you are in the bath having a soak (ha ha, yeah ok very funny), ok so next time you’re taking three milli seconds to shave your legs before your little one dives off the bed head first, have a think about everything that you now do differently, or can get away with now you’ve become mum. Here’s my list off the top of my head.

  1. It’s now ok to sing ‘Let It Go’ or any other Disney song at the top of my lungs in the car (as long as I have a little one with me of course).
  2. My cat is now just a cat.
  3. I worry about 5-a-day!
  4. I cry even more when I watch kids on Britains Got Talent.
  5. I ALWAYS have baby wipes, whether I’m out with kids or not!
  6. I no longer need an alarm in the morning.
  7. I’m happy to share half my sandwich, dinner, a bar of dairy milk (ok so not the last one) – because.. at least she’s eating!
  8. I have realised that Mr. Tumble is actually a bit of a superhero, but In The Night Garden – What is that all about????
  9. A hair wash is a luxury, a hair wash and make up are unheard of!
  10. I say ‘I love you’ a million times more per day.
  11. I actually have turned in to my mother!
  12. I feel for people who’s kids are playing up, rather than willing them to be quiet!
  13. I have realised that no matter how many times I repeat myself, she’s not going to ‘slow down’!
  14. Clarks is now a shop I visit regularly.
  15. I know the theme tune to every CBeebies tune out there.
  16. I wonder whether Peppa Pig live would actually be ‘great’!
  17. I chose my last car based on space and suitability for kids, rather than what it looked like.
  18. You spend half of your life spelling words out so they can’t understand what you’re talking about.
  19. 8am is a lay in.
  20. 10pm at night is a late night.
  21. You’d suffer any pain / sickness if it made them feel better.
  22. You wonder how you would have survived without Amazon Prime.
  23. or Google…..
  24. I do washing almost EVERY DAY!!!!
  25. You never go out with a small handbag anymore.
  26. Your car is always covered in crumbs.
  27. Hearing someone else laugh makes you happier than you ever thought it would do!
  28. A hot cup of tea is a rarity.
  29. You appreciate wine more 🙂
  30. You now really understand what unconditional love is!
  31. You no longer need a gym membership to keep active.
  32. Your phone suddenly needs twice as much storage space for all the photos and videos you take.
  33. Your phone has a crack on the screen where it has been dropped.
  34. Your phone becomes a lifesaver when you need to stop little one crying! 
  35. You realise how utterly crap the kids tv was when you were young.
  36. Calpol is the best medicine. EVER!
  37. It’s acceptable to write on the walls / door frames / doors if it’s for measuring kids height!
  38. You go out for a rare dinner with hubby and all you talk about is the kids.
  39. You don’t recognise your parents! They were never that nice when you were a kid 🙂
  40. Finally, you take more notice of poo than you ever did before!

No matter how much life has changed, how many more lines on my face I now have, and how sometimes I wish for just an hour more in bed without any interruptions (cue sending them off to the grandparents for the weekend), I love that I wake up and see her face every morning. She brings a smile when I’m down, and cuddles when I need them (and always when I don’t), and makes me feel like the most important person on the planet. 

When you become a mum, things do change, but in my opinion, they change for the best reason, And whilst it might be the hardest job ever some days! It’s 100% worth it, every day.

Comment below on what you would add to the list 🙂

MR TUMBLE – My hero!

BEST SOUND EVER!!! My little girl laughing at the silliest of things.