Buying Christmas gifts for toddlers has to be one of the most exciting things about this festive period – but what do you buy a toddler that has endless amounts of toys already!

And although wandering around your favourite shops searching for gifts is fun, its not often very easily done – especially with a toddler clung around your ankles! So it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and save yourself whizzing around those shops last minute hunting down that out of stock item your child so desperately wants!

So panic no more, here is a list I’ve already put together of the top 10 Christmas gifts for toddlers this year.

Find the links to each product attached in the headers.


Number 1 – The LeapFrog Learning friends 100 words book


This book was designed for kids 18+ months to help build their vocabulary in both English AND Spanish. There are 3 modes to this book – music, words (more than 100!) and fun facts. Explore the colourful pages and touch each individual picture whether it be, fruit or animals and hear the book say exciting facts and sound effects.



Number 2 – TOMY Toomies Pic & Pop Push Along Baby Toy


This push along toy isn’t only a great way for your little ones to test their mobility skills but see their little face light up whilst having tonnes of fun rolling over the balls and watching them FLY out again. Designed for ages 18+ months this toy is one to tick off the Christmas list!



Number 3 – Robot Harry Electronic Pet Dog


This cute dalmatian puppy is suitable for children aged 24 months up. Harry is ran on batteries and he’s a great way to show your kids what its really like to have a dog in the house! You’ll find him barking and walking himself around the house, just like a real dog! (without the doggy mess) But Unlike a real dog, he sings, dances and talks to keep the kids engaged. Harry responds differently depending whether you touch his – head, back, tail or nose. What more fun way to burn some toddler energy? There is even a girl version named Helen, with pink spots for those girly girls!




Number 4 – Pets alive Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama


This Dancing Llama will get the whole family up and groovin’! Its suitable for ages 2 years+

If you are looking for something that’s less educational and more FUN, then this is the gift for your toddler. Watch Boppi fling her neon hair back and forth with three awesome songs to twerk to and watch your little one have some fun and create some great dance moves – who knew you needed a dancing Llama in the house?



As seen on ‘This Morning’ top 10 christmas gifts –



Number 5 – Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset


At this time of year, our kids aren’t outside playing as much, its far too cold! So if there is a way sand, yes sand could be played with indoors, it would be amazing, right? Kinetic sand has been a craze for a little while now if you haven’t already got some, you should get it –it feels like wet beach sand, but its actually dry! Its easy to shape and mould and cleans up easily. Its suitable for ages 3+ so one for the older toddlers but will definitely keep them entertained for hours.



Number 6 – Convertible book – Train


Looking for something that’s not too costly but will keep your little bouncing ball of energy entertained for a few hours? This book turns into a train, a playmat and of course a book! Great for imaginative minds, this 2 in 1 book toy is great for creating scenes and exciting story reading.



Number 7 – Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth


For ages 9+ months this grooving sloth is a must have on your little ones christmas list, this linkimals sloth will get those babies moving and learning – with head bobbing, teaching numbers, alphabet and colours, It even interacts using bright colours which is always fascinating for your babies and toddlers! But the really cool thing is, if this linkimals sloth pairs up with any other linkimal, they create a party of synchronized music and lights! Brilliant for sensory and gross motor skills.



Number 8 – Smoby Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter in pink or blue


Who doesn’t love a chaotic Christmas morning? Theres nothing better than seeing your children become obsessed with their toys on this festive morning. Why not watch them zoom through the house with their choice of a scooter or bike.. this 2-in-1 scooter bike has silent wheels (perfect for the wooden flooring) and is the best of both, coming in pink or blue, it’s a great way to improve stability and control, grab your black friday deal quick!

For ages 18+ months




Number 9 – Leapfrog Mr. Pencils scribble and write


A great way for your toddlers to start learning how to spell or copy letters, Mr. Pencils scribble and write is the perfect educational toy for boys and girls, toddlers and kids. Its easy carried for use at home or on the go. Specifically designed to develop their writing skills using the letters, numbers, rhyming, shapes and early words.

For ages 3+ years



Number 10 – Early Learning Centre Cotton Reels


For hand eye coordination these cotton reels should be a must on your top 10 toddler gifts this year. These reels are not only good for threading but also great for rolling along the floor, stacking or colour arranging and is great for boosting dexterity and fine motor skills.

Suitable for ages 2-5 years


We hope this helps whilst shopping for Christmas gifts for toddlers. Check out our new blog coming soon, giving you some great ideas on stocking fillers.