Top Things To Buy A New Mum or Baby

My gorgeous niece recently had a baby girl. Of course, I wanted to shower her with gifts, so I asked her what she needed. She of course could tell me what she didn’t need, which was babygro’s, bibs, socks, packs of muslins etc, which she has received in abundance over the last couple of weeks.  I tried to cast my mind back to when Sienna was a baby and had a think about all of the things that I found useful, and created a beautiful little box of goodies for her which she absolutely loved, and I know will be super helpful.  Plus it’ll stop you from giving the same gifts as everyone else, and you’ll be supporting a few local businesses too.

So here they are, my top things to buy a new mum:

1. Cocoa Butter Bath Melts From Ugly Apples

These are THE most awesome treats ever. My niece mentioned that her stitches were sore and she was looking forward to them feeling better. So I thought these would be perfect. These tiny little hearts that you pop in the bath really pack a punch of moisture. You just simply pop one in the bath and let it melt into your skin, plus they smell DIVINE! I mean honestly, it’s like a little jar of chocolate smelling goodness. 100% organic and totally safe for mum and newborn to use, so I ordered a jar for her (and one for myself too). If you buy nothing else from this list, give Viktoria a shout and order yourself a little jar, you won’t regret it. Ugly Apples used have a gorgeous little boutique in Benson, but they relocated and set up online. So check them out here, the bath melts aren’t on the website at the moment, but you can message Viktoria through her Insta page or via her website and she’ll sort them out for you, and of course, you can have a look at some of her other lovely products om her website – which are all organic and super safe for family use.

2. Little Aurelia Sleep Time Top To Toe Wash And Cream

Another little treat perfect for mum and baby. These two beautiful award-winning items are created specifically for tiny humans. Created with Lavender, Linden blossom, Angelica and Chamomile which helps calm baby, and perfect to use at evening bathtime. It’s ultra moisturising and creamy soft, and also smells wonderful. It’s got great reviews and I can see why. 

Gifts for a new mum - Little Aurelia

3. Extra Large Muslin’s

Not just the normal size you use for mopping up baby sick. These super large Muslins, usually around 120cm square are wonderful for swaddling, using as a light shawl to throw over your shoulder if you’re out and you want a bit of privacy feeding, to throw over the buggy to keep the sun out (note, please follow guidelines when doing this so baby doesn’t overheat), for laying on the grass when you go out for a walk and you want to lay bubs down, and many more things. I adored these when I had Sienna, and used them constantly in the first few weeks to lay over her as a light blanket. This one from xoandquin is super gorgeous with its leopard print design, but there are so many lovely suppliers out there which are doing equally fab products.

4. An Insulated Tea/Coffee Mug

This is still the best and most useful present I received at my baby shower. If your gift receiver is a regular tea or coffee drink then this is a must. Countless cups of tea will end up in the microwave when you have a newborn. If they can make a cup and keep it warm for a few hours then they will be forever grateful. These ones here from Chilly’s are super cool, and you can personalise colour and design, but of course, there are lots of cheaper options on the market.

5. Something Personal – Room Pendant From Clayful Mama

I bought my niece one of these fab little gifts from the new brand Clayful Mama. A beautiful little gift they can hang on the nursery door or up in their room. They’re so pretty and can be personalised with whatever you wish. And it’s always so much nice when you know you are supporting a local brand.

Gifts for a new mum - Clayful Mama

6. Bambino Bundles

If you want someone else to do it for you, then Bambino Bundles is your place to go. A beautiful personalised collection of gifts and goodies for mum and baby, all wrapped up in a lovely box ready for you to give to your new mum.