As much as I love photographing newborns, sitter sessions are without a doubt my favourite. But what is a sitter session I hear you say? The simple answer is, when baby is sitting up, unaided.

Sitter sessions are becoming more and more popular with parents who want to document that first year, the craziness of the first few newborn weeks has gone, and you’ve moved through to the amazing time where they are starting to eat solid food, they’re mumbling away and making lots of noise, and they begin sitting up on their own.

At this point their little personalities are beginning to shine through, you’re getting smiles and giggles and big bright open eyes.

A perfect time to photograph

Babies tend not to be too clingy at this age, so they are usually very happy to be photographed. And the benefit is, they’re not moving yet either, so yes, you might get them flipping from tummy to sitting, but they (usually) stay in the same position.

Somewhere between 6 and 10 months is perfect for this session. Your baby must be able to sit unaided to make sure he or she is safe and happy when we position them on the various backgrounds that we use in the session.

We’ll have them showing their little rolls of baby chubb, and in a selection of outfits, background and props to give you a wonderful selection of images. The nice thing is about this age is that you get a wide variety of poses you can help them in to, on their tummy, holding their tiny toes, sitting up, laying down and sitting them in some lovely fun props.


So how do you know if your little one is ready for a sitter session?

If your little one has started to sit up but is not quite steady enough to sit on his / her own, then it’s time to pencil your session in. Within a month or so, they will be happy to sit without your help. This is especially true if they are busy rolling and pulling themselves up too. Each day makes them that little bit stronger, and within no time, your beautiful baby will be on the move!

Why should I book?

There are so many precious moments to capture in your baby’s first year. And sitter sessions are ana amazing way to see how much your baby has changed from that tiny newborn, into that playful, curious little person they are becoming.

That first year is when your baby will change so much, and it’s very easy to forget all those little things as they grow.

Another big benefit is that these sessions are fairly short, I usually shoot within 45 mins to an hour. At this age attention spans wear quickly, and we want to capture baby before they get too tired.

Would I need to bring anything?

Not if you don’t want to. I have a lovely selection of outfits for 6 – 12-month-old babies, and plenty of props and backgrounds. However, if you have a couple of outfits that you love them in, then please also bring them along. The other thing I recommend is milk or a drink and a snack for little one in case they get hungry mid-way through and need a little pep up!

If you are interested in booking a sitter session, then please do get in touch. I usually book out about a month in advance, but if you are looking for anything sooner I’ll always do my best to fit you in.

You can reach me at, or give me a call, WhatsApp or text on 07876 135729.

For more information on my pricing, please see my price list here.